Opening in autumn/winter 2019

Capitol Park Krizevci will introduce a completely new tenant mix across 4,100 sqm to the city of Krizevci. The existing Konzum will be replaced with a new anchor tenant, while the remainder of the building will be extended to welcome new tenants. Capitol Park will host many internationally known retailers in food, textile, cosmetics and other sectors. The more than 20,000 citizens of Krizevci and its surrounding municipalities will find a new shopping destination and 50 new jobs thus boosting the local economy.

About Poseidon Group:

Poseidon Group is a United Kingdom-based property investor, developer and asset manager.  Established in 2001 in London, it has grown to employ more than 200 people globally.  Poseidon Group is actively exploring co-investment partnerships in its UK and SE Europe projects with investors worldwide.  The current book value of its projects is EUR 1.2 billion in a portfolio comprised of over 60,000 sqm of built retail parks, 36,000 sqm of built food supermarkets, and more than 400 residential apartments and houses in planning and construction.